Law of Obligations
Fundamental code applicable to disputes arising from debtor-creditor relationship is the Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098, which is in force since July 1st, 2012. Although various types of contracts are regulated in aforementioned Code, there are also many regulated by other laws or not subjected to any regulation at all.
Commercial Law
Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 is an inseparable portion of Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721. The provisions of this Code, along with the other commercial provisions, regulated in various laws, are the subject of the Commercial Law. MGM Legal & Consultancy provides legal services and consultancy in the field of effective dispute resolution arising from commercial provisions and also drafting commercial contracts and preventive law.
Real Estate and Construction Law
MGM Legal & Consultancy provides legal and consultancy services on real estate and construction law related matters which are regulated within the scope of Property Law / Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721.
Energy Law
MGM Legal & Consultancy is particularly engaged in providing legal services and preventive consultancy in relation with Energy Law and its relevant legislation (Electricity Market Law numbered 6446, Natural Gas Market Law numbered 4646, Petroleum Market Law numbered 5015, Mining Law numbered 3213 alongside with other primary and secondary legislation regulating the Energy Law field)
Informatics, Communication, Media and Reputation Law
MGM Law & Consultancy provides legal services and consultancy to natural persons and legal entities relating to the protection of legal personality which is essentially regulated in the Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721.
Competition Law
MGM Law & Consultancy offers its legal services on related subjects which are regulated in the Law on the Protection of Competition / competition law legislation.